Finally, a PERFECT PROGRAM I can call my OWN. Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate is the PERFECT Opportunity I have found after years and years of searching.


Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate is a program that has been hitting the global online market since pre-launch was started January 29, 2012. In just 2 1/2 mos, it now has about 800 paid members from different parts of the world and about 70% filipinos, the home court where it started.

THE PRODUCT. It has a very practical, value for money, SUPREME WEALTH LIBRARY. A vast collection of ever growing (being updated regularly) of USEFUL electronic books, videos, audios etc. The library collection is just too much for anyone wanting to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST.  From Wealth accumulation books, to facebook marketing, SEO secrets to cooking, fishing, how to quit smoking, six pack abs etc! ITS JUST SO COMPLETE! Its just so much for the value it was bought.




THE OPPORTUNITY. Its Pioneering. It has not even officially launched (Grand Launch on August 08, 2012) but we now have almost 1,000 members to date. When we started, we were a handful. Tell me this ain’t good that we have reached almost 300 PAID members after 10 days? It really feels good to be able to see group pictures, posters, success stories, testimonies ALL HAPPENING within 10 DAYS! Tell me if you still can sleep on this. We are not talking local here.  We are talking GLOBAL.  How many people around the world uses the computer?  How many of them dreams of FINANCIAL FREEDOM?  How many of them wants to be successful but DO NOT KNOW HOW?  How many of them can afford a VERY SMALL AMOUNT to purchase our PRODUCT and join in this amazing MONEY MAKING PROGRAM?  I would tell you…ALMOST ALL OF THEM!  So the issue here is getting the MESSAGE ACROSS THE WORLD as FAST AS POSSIBLE THE PAY PLAN. ITS PERFECT.  In my .  Supreme Wealth Alliance ULTIMATE did not invented anything new.  He just COMBINED whatever is existing!  He got 2 of the best…carefully studied its STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES and MAGICALLY combined the 2 that made it perfect!  Wow!

You would understand what I am talking about once you check our site and or watch our presentations.  Lets put it this way.  Do you believe that MAN is not perfect?  Do you believe that WOMAN is not perfect?  Do you believe that The STRENGTH of a man is the WEAKNESS of every woman AND VICE VERSA?  YES!  That is how our PERFECT PAY PLAN works when together!  The strength of one covers the weakness of the other making it PERFECT!  So how would we know its really working!  Check this out…In just 60+days, we have members earning $3900! $800! $400! $200! We were all just amazed how our pockets are being filled up EVERYDAY!

THE INVESTMENT.  Its a one time $55 (Php2500).  Its just perfect!  At first, when I joined Network Marketing companies, we have to purchase products from $300 (Php12,000) to  $150 (Php6,600).  You have to buy monthly of at least $50 (Php2,000) to qualify for the bonuses.  So in a year, you would at least spend $850 (Php37,400) to run your business.  With Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate, we only talk about $55 one time, lifetime. Period.  When I started getting into Online Networking, I also tried to join a small entry of $21 (P888) but you have to subscribe monthly to be able to get your pay.  So it would total $252 annually.  I also had a chance to join a small $5 one time program.  It was so easy to expand it but the returns is not so rewarding especially “some” members, true enough, finds it too easy to JOIN but finds it SO EASY TO FORGET IT as well.  $55 is just to perfect because its not to low that you earn so little or its not too much that JOINING anyone is a real struggle.  I strongly feel that with $55, you attract the market we have been looking for ALL OUR ONLINE MARKETING LIFE.  The Serious ones. Also with the $55 entry, the REWARDS ARE GOOD ENOUGH for you to ENJOY.

THE TIMING.  Its just perfect.  People globally are struggling even for the basic needs.  EVERYONE is looking for a business that they can just OPERATE with little or no OVERHEAD.  Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate is PURELY HOMEBASED ONLINE BUSINESS.  No office to rent, no staff to pay, no additional business permits, licenses etc.  Everyone seems to be looking for an extra source of INCOME but does not want to SELL. Rejection is not a normal thing we want for breakfast everyday.  With Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate we are not REQUIRED TO SELL anything.  Our main job is to INFORM.  Keep informing everyone.  All the BILLIONS OF PEOPLE globally using the INTERNET.  All the 800,000,000 members of FACEBOOK!  We just share to them the product and the program and your testimonies.  Period.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO CONVINCE THEM.  If they ask, then its them not you.





JEFFREY PEREZ 1 month INCOME (In Phil Peso)! 
He was the FIRST ONE WHO BELIEVED IN SWA…How about you?

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