The Difference Between Having a Job vs a Home Based Business

“In this article, let me share with you the difference of having a Job versus having your own home-based business, earning while at home with your family.”

There are many people out of work and many more looking at the possibility of losing their job. Hopefully this is not you. If it is, I will try to tell you what I have found to be different between working for yourself in a home based business and working in a job.

There are not a lot of “jobs” you will be able to find online. People wanting a job online are wanting to exchange hours for dollars. There are companies that do that. They typically reserve working from home for proven performers that stay at home part of the time for personal and financial reasons. Most people looking for a job where they can start working from home will not find much there. I used to look for this type of arrangement myself when I lost my job years ago. Just trying to share the truth with you.

When you start a home based business, it is different than a job. You are in charge of everything and you must deal with this right off the bat. You are working for you. You are responsible for learning about your company, your products, how you are paid, and how to respond when issues come up. In other words, you must learn a lot of things in a short period of time. It is possible to do this. However, it is a lot easier if you bring some skills to the party when you begin.

If you are going to work for yourself, you need to have some training. This can come from the company you are with, but will not be extensive. You will be much further ahead if you are part of a good team that will help you. If you find a successful team and affiliate yourself with them, you are heading towards success when many others are heading towards failure. Join in my team now click here


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